Pilanesberg National Park
Welcome to one of Africa's finest nature reserves

The Pilanesberg National Park rises up spectacularly from the great plains of Africa. A flagship reserve and tremendous success illustrating how man’s negative effects on the environment can be returned to conservation, the spin-off being supporting local communities, protecting wildlife, and restoring biodiversity and ecosystems.

Located less than 200 km from Johannesburg, closer to Pretoria, and then Rustenburg and with thrice weekly flights from Cape Town, Pilanesberg National Park is one of South Africa’s ultimate adventure tour and wildlife safari destinations.

A protected game reserve, over 550 km2 , the Pilanesberg Alkali Ring Complex is the remnants of vast volcano, around 1.3 billion years old. This enormous structure stood over 7000 m above sea level. Now greatly reduced and an approximate diameter of approximately 24 km. The Pilanesberg is a rare type of volcano, categorized as an Alkali Ring Complex due to the mineral content of the fascinating geography.

A vast road network of over 200km provides ample area and opportunity to explore this truly unique game reserve.


Pilanesberg is blessed to be situated in the highveld of South Africa. The dry, cool winters, altitude and lower precipitation than other game reserves and conservation areas in Africa make Pilanesberg malaria free and the perfect family vacation destination for all ages. 

The geological structure of the Pilanesberg National Park is unique in South Africa and uncommon worldwide. The ecology that it protects even more so as the reserve straddles a transition zone of Dry Kalahari Savanna and Moist Bushveld.

Experience the magnificence of Africa’s Big 5, wonderfully coloured birds, specialised plants and wide variety of wildlife led by experienced wildlife guides and rangers in open safari vehicles.

The Pilanesberg boasts over 200 km’s of tarred and dirt roads which wind through the valleys and hills of the reserve. Look out points over waterholes and reservoirs in the park, vast vistas over plains filled with wildlife

A number of photographic hides and viewpoints exist in the Pilanesberg National Park allowing all levels of photographers to capture spectacular wildlife and landscapes, throughout the year and with varying light directions and conditions. Specialised photographic tours for groups and individuals can be arranged with local professionals.

Pilanesberg’s eroded mountains, valleys and plains set an incredible mood and every direction a postcard picture.

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